M. Husain Sons Trading Co.

Indentor of All Kinds of Paper, Board, Pulp & Allied Products

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Representative, Importer & Exporter

We are working as a Representative, Importer and Exporter of all kinds of Paper, Pulp and Allied Products. Paper has been our family business since 1965, started by our father Late Mr. Mohammad Hussain, then by my two elder brothers, Mr. Qutbuddin & Mustafa joined in the 1980's then I joined in the year 2002 and then we started Paper & Board Indenting Business. We have been sourcing various kinds of Paper & Board for our Pakistani customers and are mainly serving them as an Intending Agent (Commission); in addition to that we do sell materials outside Pakistan. We are already Representing quite a few Suppliers and Paper Mills from Europe,North America and the Far East for various kinds of Paper & Waste Paper.

Paper & Board

Following are the products we supply in the category of "Paper and Board"

Newsprint Paper

Bulky Book Paper

Kraftliner and Testliner


Folding Box Board/SBS Board

Coated Duplex Board Grey Back

Coated Carrier Board Kraft Back

Poly Coated Board

Woodfree Colored Paper and Card

Woodfree Uncoated Offset

NCR/Carbonless Paper

Bible Paper

Bleached Greaseproof Paper

Woodfree Wet Strength Base Paper

Light Weight Coated Paper

Waste Paper For Recycling

Following are the products we supply in the category of "Waste Paper For Recycling"

OCC - Old Corrugated Cardboard

BBC - Box Board Cutting

Light Color Cuttings

Pure White Cuttings

White Ledger

Tetra Pack

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